Friday, June 27, 2008

Lifestyle Session.....

Lifestyle sessions are exactly why I love my job!! I met Shelly and the kids at the park and we just let them play..... It really is that simple. These images represent two little boys who are just in love with each other. Seth laughs and claps at his older brother Ethan who can't stop trying to please him. They were both so precious and a wonderful way to finish off my week. I just feel in love with their ocean blue eyes.....

Out of the Studio.....

Well my wonderful friends, it’s been a long week trying to tie up lose ends and get shoots finished before my week off. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now and it feels great. I have one more this afternoon and then we’re going up to the cottage on Lake Rosseau for the week. So I’ll be out of touch. Feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I return on July 7th. However, from now until then – It’s nothing but decking, sailing, golfing, lounging and sunning!

In light of my pending reflection time…..a few days ago as I was leaving a meeting with clients, I saw to my left, an end-to-end rainbow. I can’t recall having ever seen one in real life – I had a friend who I debated with as to if they were even possible, until the photographic evidence was produced. I finally saw one and it made my day. Yes, it was from the terrible camera phone while driving nonetheless....

Lots of images to post upon my return….


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tiffany and James....... E - Session

Tiffany and James took a trip to Palm Springs Califonrina. James sweated his way through security at YYZ -- The x-ray tech winked at him, clearly noticing the ring in his carry on. They arrive in Palms Springs after a transfer in Vegas and they go to sleep the first night. He is so worried about when to propose to her that he couldn’t sleep – So he gets up at 4a.m. unable to wait any longer. Collects a breakfast in bed and wakes her up.

They told me about this note that they have had since they moved into their house a few years earlier – It reads “I love you” and they hide it back and forth on each other for the other to find around their house. He had brought the note with him to Palm Springs and that was what she saw when she opened her eyes. After James' heartfelt speech, Tiffany agreed to marry the man who had been her partner for the past ten years. James said to me that he had been waiting for ten years to do this. Umm... I teared up... it's true! I love this couple! Thank you both of having me be a part of your wedding, I am so looking forward to October!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cottage weeekend!

Hello wonderful friends! This weekend is a very exciting one for me. Throughout the summer I have to book a few weekends off to ensure that I get a break to enjoy the summer. I spend a lot of weekends working, so to get a free cottage weekend in is a necessity. Plus...I’m secretly the best possible cottager ever. First of all, I’m very fun on a long car ride, some may say I’m tone deaf, but I’ve also been told I make up for that with spirit, which helps all the travelers in the car be entertained. The moment I get in the car, I’m crossed legged, flipping through the Ipod to commence my D.J’ing duties. At the cottage, give me a cocktail and a great book and I could sit there for days on end waiting for the next great sunset. We’re heading up tomorrow the weather is supposed to be 30 degrees and sunny. I’ll be Wifi-less so I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kohanna May's Family!!

So, last year, about this time, I did an infant shoot with Kohanna May. Well, she's already almost a year old and is even sweeter now!! She was such a little character and such a model!! Her mom Simone emailed and asked if it was possible to do a Lifestyle session while her sister and her partner were visiting from the UK. Considering I love the British ;) we made it work and shot on Monday evening. It was great to see the family and we had a good time shooting with Oliver the Great Dane, who I must admit, I fell in love with....

Here are the images and the slideshow!

The slideshow....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sean and Michelle

Friday afternoon Michelle and Sean were married in a beautiful ceremony at the Marquis Gardens in Ancaster. The weather held out and allowed it to be a beautiful day! I arrived at Sean's family's home I had been there for about 10 minutes and I realized this was going to be a fun wedding, everyone was just having a great time and were really excited for the day's events! Michelle and Sean, you're families are wonderful, I felt so welcome and greateful to have spent the day with you, thank you! I wish you all the best in the many wonderful years to come!


Here are some of the images.....