Friday, February 29, 2008

2007 Lifestyle Favourites

After a nearly two week hiatus I have come back blogging full force!

Here is a slideshow of some of my favourite Lifestyle sessions from 2007 -- I just love my clients, especially when they just trust me to be a little silly in the art -- I swear, they're the best.


~~ 2007 Weddings Favourites~~

I should have likely done this in say January with it being the New Year and all, but I didn't and I'm doing it now which is all that matters!

Below is a slideshow of some of my favourite images from 2007 weddings.

While I was making the show I started to get so excited for the upcoming wedding season!! I just can not wait to shoot all of my wonderful brides and grooms this year. I really am very blessed to work with some amazing clients! I'm getting so excited!!! If I had not mentioned that already.....:) This just makes me want to go out and shoot right now... Luckily I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow, so that'll have to do!

Great New I~D~E~A~!!!

Okay, so I have this great vision, however I am lacking a couple.

The idea is this... Since the Proposal is what spurs all of the wedding planning... without the proposal, what do we have?! A ring sitting on a shelf in a jewelry store and a couple of crazy kids! Okay, so you're getting the idea, you need the Proposal to get the wedding going....

I really want to get people into the new trend of documenting the Proposal. Wouldn't you just love to have me lurking in the park or any other fantastic place you may choose to engage the woman or man of your dreams?! Really, think about it -- The bride to be won't have any clue that I'm there shooting the whole thing. So after the big question and the "YES~!!" she will have a document of that moment to keep forever. I've heard many people say that they were too exiting and don't really even remember their proposal. So, after it's all said and done, and the wedding planning is started, wouldn't it be fantastic to have the proposal documented?!

So, the first person to email me with the subject line "YES!" will receive my services for free. You can enlighten me to the plan that you have all set up and we'll figure out where I'll shoot from. I'll document the whole thing and give you the equivalent of a lifestyle session.

Wouldn't this just be such a wonderful surprise for your bride to be? I feel it will and I have a good feeling it'll get you some solid points, on top of that great diamond you just bought!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

~~ Happy Valentine's Day!! ~~

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! Trust me, do not overate the chocolate. All those tiny little Hershey's Kisses really add up and a chocolate overdose is very possible on a day like today. Sadly I have a sore spot for the tiny little guys and have much more than my fill today! I hope you all have a very happy Valentine's day!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Winter Gala

This past Friday in the midst of the crazy snow storm that we had around here, nearly 300 people braved the cold and very slippery roads to attend the McMaster's Children's Hospital Gala. It was a fantastic turn out and a beautifully coordinated event. Really, it was such a huge success! I was so happy to be able to be a part of it.

In the event that anyone is looking for event planners... no pun intended.... Laura Bernstein and Stacey Hardy were wonderful! I highly recommend them!

I couldn't stay until the end, so I'm not sure who ended up with the final bid in the Silent Auction for the Lifestyle Session, but I look forward to an email or phone call from the lucky bidder!

Here are some images from the night....